Where to get books

Most of these books are available digitally and you can easily download them on your iPad using your library card for your local library.

Hoopla is one of the most widely used digital book services around. It is available using your local library card. You can go to Hoopla or download the app on your ipad or other mobile device. Enter your library card and you can check out up to 10 books a month. You can also download audiobooks and comics, too!

CloudLibrary is available at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Like, Hoopla, you can access e-books and audio books. You can read on your computer, or use the app on your ipad. In order to use this, you need to have a library card for Arlington Heights.

Overdrive is available at the Mt. Prospect Public Library and you need to have a library card there to use it. There is an app also in self-service that you can download.

You can even use the service online at LibbyApp.

Sora is another service that allows you to check out books from the John Hersey High School library. You can do it online or download the app from self-service. You will need to sign-in with your netID and password.

If you do not have a library card, you can get one online. Click on your local library to register for a card:

If you live in an unincorporated area, getting a library card may be a little more difficult. However, there are options. If there is a book you want, we will do our best to get it for you.  Click here to let us know what you need or if you are unable to get a library card.

The other option is to buy your book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are the biggest online retailers of books. There is also Books-a-Million, too.

You can buy used books as well. A good place is Half Price Books. There's also a physical location in Schaumburg. Check out these other used book sellers:

If you end up buying your book, come the the ARC and find out about options to donate your book when you are done. Donation drives will be coming in the future!